Be present

Be present

find joy in the everyday and make that your focus
Be happy

Be happy

Find moments doing what you love even if its just for a little while
Be grateful

Be grateful

Cherish and connect to what you have around you

welcome to earth and twine

nourish ~  inspire ~ uplift 

In our busy lives we all need to learn to reconnect with ourselves -  to stop and breathe and be in the present moment-  

Celebrate your home and body by searching out things that you love, things that inspire you, things that make your spirit sing

Surrounding yourself with beautiful natural things can be the simplest way to bring about a sense of wellbeng

  Take a walk in outside - find something in nature that makes you feel happy and bring it home

Find joy in the everyday items that embellish and adorn your home

Feel better about you

Follow and be a part of my journey to bring soul into your personal space.

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A homegrown business started out of a love for creating

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